Indemnity Form for Pop Up Toy Library

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By completing this online indemnity form I agree to the following indemnity:

The Parent/Guardian hereby indemnifies and holds Cotlands and Sandton City harmless against liability for any injury, loss or death that may be suffered by my child/children/ward, and/or such damages, costs and expenses that may otherwise arise or be attributable to Cotlands/Sandton City as a result of my child’s/ward’s participation in the play-based activities at the Pop Up Toy Library.

I understand that Cotlands will provide a reasonable duty of care, taking all necessary steps to safeguard my child/children/ward and provide a safe play environment. I am fully aware that I cannot leave my child/children/ward unsupervised in the Cotlands Pop Up Toy Library.

Indemnity Form for Pop Up Toy Library