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Toy Library Association South Africa (TLASA)

The Toy Library Association South Africa (TLASA) is a networking organisation that promotes best practice in the field of toy librarianship in South Africa. TLASA advocates for a toy library within reach of every child.

The Toy Library Association South Africa (TLASA) is administrated by Cotlands. TLASA host quarterly seminars and regular workshops that aid toy librarians in setting up and maintaining quality toy library programmes.

TLASA membership

Individuals or organisations that become members of the TLASA enjoy the following benefits:

  • access to discounted training;
  • quarterly newsletters;
  • regional seminars; and
  • activity plans

Membership fees for 2019

All membership fees are inclusive of VAT

  • Individual R 287.50 per annum
  • Toy Library R 287.50 per annum
  • Small Organisation (representing less than 10 toy libraries) R 690.00 per annum
  • Large Organisation (representing 10 or more toy libraries) R 920.00 per annum

If you would like to become a TLASA member, simply download the form below and email back to: info@tlasa.org

For more information visit TLASA’s website on http://tlasa.org