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Thank you for making a pledge to support our advocacy campaign

We at Cotlands would like to extend our deepest appreciation for your invaluable support in signing our pledge to advocate for children to access toy libraries in underserved communities where play-based early learning opportunities are scarce.

By signing the pledge, you have taken a meaningful step toward creating a world where every child has an equal chance to thrive and grow through play. Your signature has become an influential voice in our collective plea to policymakers, community leaders, and relevant organisations.

As we move forward, we promise to keep you informed about our progress, ensuring transparency and sharing updates on the impact of our joint efforts. With your continued support, we are confident in our ability to effect positive change and make play-based learning accessible to every child, regardless of their circumstances.

Once again, your participation has significantly impacted our efforts, and we cannot thank you enough for standing with us. Together, we are building a brighter future for all children in South Africa.