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Cotlands established a training unit in 2018 focusing on providing courses in Early Childhood Development.

Cotlands offers early childhood development (ECD) practitioners a range of high-quality training courses that are designed to develop skills and build capacity in the sector. Cotlands leads the way in online training courses. 

Who should sign up for our online courses?

Aspiring educators | Au pairs | Baby/child minders | Child minders | Day mothers | Domestic workers | Early learning facilitators | ECD practitioners | 

ECD school staff | Entrepreneurs – ECD / toy library owners | Moms/parents/grandparents | Playgroup leaders | School leavers | Toy librarians

Cotlands training courses


Playsa,org is an free online ECD training course that was developed in partnership with Department of Basic Education, UNICEF, Cotlands and LEGO Foundation. 

Skills based training courses:
  • Toy Library set up and administration
  • Play-based learning with toys
  • Making toys from waste materials
  • Developing birth to two year olds

For more information on training, please email training@cotlands.org