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Please help us celebrate World Play Day 2022

Cotlands celebrates World Play Day on Saturday, 28 May 2022. The theme for this World Play Day is “Rediscover Play…Recover Through Play!’ The past few years of the pandemic have been a difficult time for our parents and children and through our toy library programme, we want to encourage more families to rediscover different methods of play in the home environment.

It is our mission to increase access to play-based early learning opportunities and for the month of May it is our goal to distribute as many World Play Day kits to schools and play-at-home boxes to children that have no educational toys at home. Please help us celebrate this special day with our children by supporting our World Play Day initiative.

We need your help to fundraise for our play-at-home boxes. Each play-at-home box consists of the following items: a 39-page activity book, building blocks, crayons, scissors, stacking cups, a puzzle, and a paint set. Help us ignite more children’s potential through play by sponsoring or donating any of these items to fill our World Play Day boxes.

Did you know that we have just over 1 million children aged between 3-5 who do not attend any early learning programme?

It is our mission to increase access to early learning for these children. Our Cotlands Toy Library teams will be hosting events across the country to help address the gaps in our early learning. We encourage ECD centres and  schools to organise World Play Day celebrations to highlight the importance and power of play for young children.