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World Play Day confirmation

Thank you so much for supporting our World Play Day initiative! Your commitment to promoting play-based learning is truly appreciated, and we are thrilled to have you join our Play Movement!

We are excited to inform you that your pledge has been received, and we will be sending you the links to access our play resources and activities during the week commencing Monday, 13 May. These resources will be invaluable in promoting play and education among children in classrooms and households. It will provide you with everything you need to prepare for festivities and ensure that World Play Day, on Tuesday, 28 May, is a day to remember!

If you have any questions, please email marketing@cotlands.org. Thank you for joining us in this important initiative.

The Cotlands Team

Help fund toy libraries

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Did you know that over ONE MILLION CHILDREN in South Africa aged three to five years still do not have access to any form of early learning programme?

Our mission is to change this by increasing access to play-based early learning opportunities through toy libraries. Of the ONE MILLION children that do not have access to play-based early learning opportunities, we can meet the needs of EVERY child if we set up a toy library in every book library in South Africa.

Support our advocacy goals by donating funds

Toy libraries provide books, toys, games and other educational resources to young children that have no access to play-based early learning opportunities. We need your help to fund toy library programmes. Donate today and help us set up a toy library in a community that need it the most.

Please make your donation below with a secure payment through PayFast (MasterCard and VISA).