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Welcome to our World Play Day resources page

You will find everything you need to make Tuesday, 28 May a memorable celebration of playful learning with children! Get ready, be creative and embark on a playful adventure with our curated collection of play activity booklets and resources! Dive into imaginative stories, engage in fun-filled activities, and discover the joy of learning through play. Let’s celebrate World Play Day together with creativity, laughter, and endless fun!

Download Book Dash stories and Cotlands play activity booklets:

As a token of our appreciation for pledging your support, we are thrilled to share access to two delightful Book Dash Books: “Mali’s Friend” and “The Box” These stories are accompanied by play activities and games compiled by our Cotlands Play Experts, creating engaging learning experiences for children.

Explore our play activity booklets, specially designed to complement the Book Dash Books. These booklets are filled with creative and interactive activities that promote imaginative play, problem-solving skills, and social interaction. 

Click on the books to download and embark on a playful journey with your little ones

Join the fun: Let's soar together on World Play Day with paper plane building

Encourage your child’s creativity and imagination by joining us in building paper planes for World Play Day! It is simple yet, a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together. Simply send the instructions home with your children and parents can spend some quality time together with their children folding and flying paper planes. A good time to practice before World Play Day.  

Let’s make this  World Play Day a soaring success. Click on the images below to download the instructions to build paper planes.

Share your playful moments

We invite you to share your favourite activities and moments of play with us and the world! Post your photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #Cotlands #WorldPlayDay #WPD2024. Let’s inspire others to join us in celebrating the power of play.

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Join our World Play Day Toy Drive:

Help us make a difference by donating educational toys to your nearest Cotlands Toy Library. Let’s ensure that every child has access to quality play experiences that promote early learning and development.