Our story

A shy little girl blossoms at our playgroups

Nthabiseng is a 4-year-old girl who attends our playgroup in Protea, Soweto. Nthabi has been with us since she was 6 months old; starting at the baby massage sessions with her mother and then later moving to the baby stimulation classes. Nthabi is the only child in her family and her Mom, Zandile is a single parent. Zandile was so appreciative of the support Cotlands provided during the birth-to-two playgroup sessions.

Zandile was a new, young mother who needed some help and guidance. Zandi’s mother passed away when Nthabi was in high school and she had very little guidance on how to look after her baby.
Thanks to our weekly baby stimulation classes, Nthabi’s Mom gained the confidence to connect and bond with her baby and engage in various play-based activities to ensure her little baby could play, learn and grow optimally.
Nthabi now attends our 2-4 year playgroup and initially, she was a very shy child and always use to cling to her Mom in the mornings. But through regular attendance and getting involved in each and every play station during her free play sessions, she has developed her social skills and has blossomed into a happy and confident little girl.
Her playgroup facilitator Vinolia is so proud of her progress since she started at our playgroups. Nthabi’s progress would not be possible without our donors. Thank you for making sure our little Nthabi acquires social skills to interact and play confidently with others.