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Courses offered on CotlandsIgnite™

Occupational Certificate Early Childhood Level 4 Practitioner

The ECD Level 4 practitioner course teaches you different theories and perspectives on early childhood development. The course shows you how to plan and prepare classroom activities using an approved programme aligned to the national curriculum framework. 

You will also be taught the administrative aspects of providing an ECD service and how to observe, assess, report and record a child’s progress at each stage of their development.

You will learn how to maintain and promote the well-being, health, nutrition, safety and protection of the children in your care and you will gain practical work experience in a centre-based or non-centre-based setting.

Toy Library skills programme (New venture creation)

The New Venture Toy Library Skills course will teach you how to set up a toy library and manage the administration, financial and marketing aspects of the toy library. You will also learn how to process, categorise and manage the stock in the toy library.

The course consists of the following 5 unit standards from Services Seta (SSETA):

  1. Produce business plans for a new venture
  2. Explain the marketing of SMME
  3. Implement an action plan for a new venture
  4. Manage general administrations
  5. Plan and manage production and operations for a new venture

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