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Cotlands Code of Conduct

Cotlands has a zero-tolerance policy on corruption, subscribes to a strict Code of Business Conduct and operates in an open, transparent and ethical business manner.

Cotlands business practices are governed by integrity, honesty, transparency and are in full compliance with all the applicable laws of South Africa and any other country where Cotlands may operate. The cornerstone of this ethical commitment is “The Cotlands Code of Conduct”, a code prescribing the values and principles which Cotlands commits to in its operations. This Code is based on the major principles of the United Nations Global Compact together with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development recommendations regarding corruption.

Cotlands employees, officers and board members are always guided by the following basic principles:

  • To avoid any conduct that could damage Cotlands, its brand or its reputation;
  • To act legally, honestly and transparently;
  • To put Cotlands’ interests ahead of personal or other interests.

Reporting of breaches

If you have a concern about a potential violation of applicable laws and regulations, Cotlands Code of Business Conduct, or other applicable policies and procedures, you can anonymously report it to the Cotlands Whistle Blowing/Alert Hot Line number is +27 (0) 78 747 8845.