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Cotlands early childhood education model provides a scalable, cost-effective and impactful solution to create a more equal and prosperous South Africa.

Early Learning Playgroups

Our programmes are based on best-practice principles, ensuring the holistic development of each child we serve.

Each four-hour play session is structured around a routine, creating learning and play opportunities that develop children’s language, mathematics, problem-solving, gross motor, fine motor as well as social and emotional skills. Learning in the playgroups is firmly rooted in a play-based learning pedagogy that is age-appropriate, encourages exploration, fosters curiosity and provides the opportunity to make choices.  Breakfast and a meal or snack is provided to all children attending the early learning playgroups.

Toy Libraries

To increase access to quality early childhood learning for all children irrespective of their socioeconomic status, we need to deepen practitioners understanding of how children learn and skill them to implement a play-based learning programme that prepares children for formal schooling. Cotlands toy librarians train practitioners working at ECD centres operating in marginalised communities to deliver Cotlands ECD programme which is linked to the National Curriculum Framework birth to 4. The toy libraries provide the theme kits that support the learning plan, which consist of books, toys, games and other resources.  This high-impact, cost-effective non-centre-based programme also provides resources and training to children, their families, early learning facilitators, home visitors, community workers and other organisations providing services to children.  In addition, monthly parenting programmes are offered to inform, support and encourage positive parenting skills.

Capacity Building

Cotlands increases the quality of access to ECD programmes by sharing best-practice principles with non-profit organisations and interested individuals to equip them to deliver toy library and playgroup programmes. The following topics are covered:

Setting up a playgroup  |  Toy library setup and administration
Play-based learning using toys which are made, found and bought
Birth-to-two stimulation  Making toys from waste
Parenting support training  |  Implementing weekly learning plans

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Give them the benefit of play-based early learning.
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