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Cotlands B-BBEE

Cotlands offers corporates the opportunity to partner with our organisation, under the enterprise development (ED), skills development (SD) and socio-economic development (SED) pillars.

This approach allows an investor to benefit from and make a difference to society, under the SED pillar, which would consist of your usual CSI contribution to Cotlands. In addition, it enables an investor to strategically invest money for one of the above pillars which is aligned to the latest B-BBEE codes.

The benefits of supporting Cotlands would make a significant difference to the success of your business. Instead of spreading your investment across many different sectors, Cotlands would now be able to build a sustainable, long-term, high-impact measurable B-BBEE strategy, that solves critical business challenges, opens new business opportunities and dramatically increases impact.

Download our B-BBEE Certificate and Beneficiary Analysis from the links below.

 B-BBEE Affidavit 2020/2021

• Beneficiary Analysis 2020/2021