A tribute from Vicki!

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Dear Monica,
My Cotlands’ story begins more than 60 years ago, when my parents did charitable work for the institution. They were unable to have children and were hoping to adopt a baby. In 1954, I was finally given a home with my wonderful new parents.
I remember visiting Cotlands with my mother as she wanted to show Matron Reece how well I was growing up and adapting to my home. The reception was always warm and welcoming. I also remember helping my mother with street collections and other fundraisers.
When my own children were growing up, we made a few trips to Cotlands to donate toys. My daughters were aware of my adoption and how fortunate my life has been ever since.
I know that the focus of Cotlands has changed over the years, however, orphans and children of any description still need to be given the best possible chance in life!
My small monthly contribution is the least I can do to help sustain a worthy cause. Thank you Cotlands for making the world a better place.
Yours sincerely,
Vicki Wepener