Up up and away – 2017 KZN Toy Library

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Cotlands KZN-Hlabisa toy library has been serving children around its community and ECD centres by providing them with necessary educational toys that support them in learning through play since 2012 but in 2017 we went ‘viral’.

We networked with other organisations, departments, etc. and marketing Cotlands through TLASA was a real benefit as we received invitations to participate in PLAY, Toy Library launches, libraries across KZN and we won the 2017 National ECD award in Rural Category.

Dassenhoek Library, We demonstrated games, teaching 101 children how to play. Our Regional Manager delivered a talk about the importance of indigenous games to young children.

Bessie Library in Pietermaritzburg, we hosted World Play Day. We brought our toys and staff who were highly engaged and willing to assist as they taught the municipal librarians and ECD practitioners how to play/engage with children and how to select toys as well as how to manage children during play time. The day was successful and was enjoyed by all 86 children who attended.

Cotlands was also a part of the combined world play day celebrations and a toy library launch. The Little Big ECD centre was donated by Vodacom to Kwa-Swayimane. Everyone had fun, 106 children, ECD practitioners, ECD principals and the community.

The exposure and awareness created from participation and hosting seminars has benefited Cotlands a great deal in KZN. In addition to the acknowledgment from other organisations, it a great feeling seeing children playing, developing and having good times as well as having the privilege teaching other Toy Librarians and ECD practitioners how to engage in play.