Colour wheel craft

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• Thick cardboard or a paper plate
• Circle template
• Pencil
• Scissors
• 6 to 8 paint colours
• Paint brushes
• Contact paper or
• laminator
• 6 to 8 pegs
• Printed labels or permanent marker

If you’re using a paper plate, cut off the edge of the plate; or cut a circle out of cardboard.
• Divide the circle into six or eight pie slices.
• Paint each section a different colour and leave to dry.
• Cover with contact paper, smoothing out all the bubbles, or laminate. * Paint each peg a different colour to match the colours in the wheel.
• Print colour labels and glue them to the pegs; or write the colour names onto the peg using a permanent marker.
• Your colour peg wheel is complete! Have fun teaching your youngsters their colours.