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Cotlands early learning playgroups are free and take place twice a week in five provinces across the country. As of August, playgroups will be four hours long and is available to any parent or caregiver who has a child below the age of six. The sessions are packed with learning experiences that prepare children for school.

As added value, Cotlands also offers parents a unique communications system that will allow them to learn more about the free early learning playgroups that the non-profit organisation provides.

The USSD system that can be accessed by dialing *120*8429# will cost 20cents for 20 seconds.

It gives parents and caregivers access to venues in their area, times of the playgroups and contact numbers.

In addition, this Cotlands service informs parents of what their child learnt in the early learning play group that week.

“We are trying to involve parents in the learning process so that the child’s development continues even at home. We have found that children with active parents learn quicker and perform better,” said Cotlands chief operations officer, Monica Stach.

Cotlands encourages parents to use the system as it also gives parents tips on how to continue their child’s learning using every day experiences.

“The exercises are simple. For example if a child learns about the colour blue parents can dial *120*8429# choose option 1 – (parent/guardian) and then chose option 2 (learner syllabus). Here the message will say ‘this week your child learnt the colour blue, ask your child to show you something blue at home’. Each week there will be a new message and new instruction. This USSD as simple and easy to use,” added Stach.

The system which was designed by Connet Systems can be used by anyone who wants to give their child the best early learning opportunity.

For more information dial *120*8429# and select contact details for a manager in your area.