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Cotlands has embarked on a mammoth task to get every child in South Africa school ready. Using toy libraries as the focal point, Cotlands helps children reach their developmental goals in a fun, easy to learn way.

The Cotlands education program works on one basic premise “Children learn through play”. With this fundamental principal in mind children are taught basic numeracy, literacy and language skills through carefully constructed play sessions.

Trained Cotlands staff facilitate both structured and unstructured play groups and monitor children to ensure they receive the attention they need to reach their developmental milestones.

But to reach our own milestone – to ensure every child is able to achieve their full potential and become school ready – we need your help.

By signing up for a monthly debt order or recurring donation you can give us the tools we need to ensure longevity of these programs and change the course of these children’s lives.

For just R200 a month you can provide a child with a meal, stationary or educational toys for a play session.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” Nelson Mandela.


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