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NEW CEO for Cotlands
Jackie Schoeman stepped aside as chief executive officer (CEO) of Cotlands on August 31 and Monica Stach, former chief operating officer (COO), stepped into her shoes.
“This is my last day as CEO of Cotlands and I cannot begin to describe the privilege it has been to lead the Cotlands team for all these years. When I think back to when I took over what was then the Cotlands Baby Sanctuary, to where we are today, a leader in Early Childhood Development field, it has been the most extraordinary journey and I am truly grateful to have been a part of it, ” said Jackie Schoeman.
Jackie will assume a new role within Cotlands, that of business development officer, to improve Cotland’s financial sustainability.
Monica Stach holds a masters degree in Early Childhood Intervention. She is pursuing a PhD in Early Childhood Education at the University of Pretoria, exploring the role of toy libraries in providing play based learning opportunities to young children. As COO, she has lead a team of dedicated and passionate early childhood experts, who conceptualised Cotlands’ play-based e-learning course, toy library and early learning playgroup models and training courses. She started her new venture as CEO on September 1. “I am very proud to be stepping into the role of CEO. At Cotlands we strive for excellence and constantly seek opportunities to do things smarter and find ways to reach more children with our play-based learning groups nationwide.
“Since joining Cotlands in 2007, I have worked alongside this amazing team, led by Jackie. I thank her for creating a space where I was given a multitude of opportunities and for allowing me to become an engaged and contributing Cotlands employee. I was able to flourish and deliver my very best work while doing what I love most – creating early learning opportunities for young children.
“As the incoming CEO , it is my ultimate goal to create a work space where every Cotlander is able to flourish so that we collectively take Cotlands to the next level”, said Monica.