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Role play | Imagination and creativity | Developing social skills | Ability to play with others | Exploring concepts and relationships by acting them out
Hand-eye coordination | Foot-eye coordination | Spatial awareness | Direction Mobility | Balance | Roll it, kick it and control it
Identification letters, symbols and written word | Developing receptive and expressive language | Developing comprehension for daily conversation | Understanding what is said | Describing, explaining, sequencing | Develop vocabulary | Identification of words | Identification of their name
Hand-eye coordination | Writing | Holding small items | Buttoning clothing | Turning pages
Identifying colours and shapes and numbers | Develop an understanding of quantity and size | Matching shapes and sizes | Sequencing
Shape discrimination | Manipulation | Perceptual | Motor integration | Develop Vocabulary | Classifying | Visual closure | Manipulation | Develop logical thinking
Encourage children to experiment & explore | Satisfies children's curiosity | Helps generate ideas | Understand things through evidence
Hand-eye coordination | Language development | Develops fine motor skills | Creativity | Imagination
A variety of themed kits consisting of learning resources for lessons used by ECD practitioners.
Learning resources for children with special needs