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The 15th International Toy Library Conference gathered toy library experts from around the world to share their exciting work and studies in toy libraries from their home countries.

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Beyond a toy library a sustainable approach

View a selection of abstracts submitted by speakers from the 15th International Toy Library conference. The abstracts provide a brief summary of their research studies and/or toy library work. The abstract will provide a synopsis of each speaker’s presentation.

Select and view a wide variety of speaker presentations from the 2019 Toy Library Conference. The conference explored the following key themes:

  • Theme 1:  Diversity in toy libraries
  • Theme 2:  Toy libraries a solution for ….
  • Theme 3:  Sustainability of toy libraries
  • Theme 4:  Toy libraries of the future – innovation

View a photo gallery that captures the essence of the 2019 International Conference that was hosted in South Africa. An album was created for each day of the conference. If you would like more images pertaining to a particular aspect of the conference, please email marketing@cotlands.org