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Celebrate World Play Day with Cotlands

Cotlands invites all families, schools, universities and corporations to support us in raising funds towards World Play Day that takes place on Thursday, 28 May 2020. Help us ignite more children's potential through play by donating R20 and ordering digital stickers and your play-at-home activity booklet.

What is World Play Day?
World Play Day is an annual celebration of the importance of play, inspired by the International Toy Library Association (ITLA), and celebrated in over 40 countries around the world. This year’s theme for World Play Day is “Be safe and play at home”. In January 1993, South Africa signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child with 194 other countries and recognised the importance of “Play as a right”. Cotlands' mission is to increase access to play-based opportunities for all children in South Africa.

Why is play important?
Play is an essential activity for the foundation of a child’s learning. Through play children explore the world and develop literacy, maths, life and cognitive skills.

Children in South Africa

3.3 million children in South Africa live in poverty with limited access to early learning. To address this dire need; Cotlands Toy Libraries give more children access to educational toys that develop a variety of core skills. Cotlands’ goal is to set up a network of 500 Toy Libraries by 2022.

How to make a difference on World Play Day?

Place an order for your World Play Day Stickers and a Play-at-Home Activity Booklet.

If you have any questions , please send Cotlands a message about World Play Day.