Celebrate Mandela Day by making toys

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Celebrate Mandela Day with Cotlands by joining our toy making workshop. We are looking for volunteers to form a human assembly line to make toys out of recycled material. We aim to make 670 toys on Mandela Day.

Every child has the right to play. Play is vital to a child’s holistic development, yet many children across SA do not receive the stimulation they require to reach their full potential.  It is estimated that over 70% of children in SA do not have access to quality early learning programmes. This means that children enter their academic years without the proper foundation to help them cope in the classroom. This leads to children becoming frustrated and often dropping out of school.

By helping Cotlands make toys out of recycled material you give children from under-resourced community’s access to a wide range of toys that will help improve their cognitive development.

Volunteers are invited contribute R67 and help make toys for 67 minutes (or longer if they wish).  This contribution pays for materials and supplies needed to make quality toys that will have a lasting impact in under-resourced communities. Toys will be distributed to children in the Cotlands early learning programme.

This Mandela Day we are also looking to sign up 670 new MySchool card members. By choosing Cotlands as your MySchool beneficiary and swiping your MySchool card, we receive funds that enable us to continue providing quality early learning opportunities to children. You can sign up online at the Myschool website.