Cotlands speaks out for missing Nigerian girls

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Cotlands, a South African non-profit children’s organisation, has shared its concern for those girl children kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

“As an organisation that believes education is a fundamental right, regardless of gender, we are deeply disturbed by the brazen attack on educated girl children in Nigeria,” said Cotlands CEO Jackie Schoeman.

The 77 year old organisation which focuses on early education says that this act of violence is a blow to the strides being made by non-profit organisations to educate girl children.

Since 2012 Cotlands has actively worked to bring early learning opportunities to young children in under resourced communities.

“It is crucial that children are giving equal opportunities to make informed decisions. As an organisation that works tirelessly to inform parents of the importance of education we understand that fear and intimidation may set the work being done in Nigeria back. We strongly hope that this will not be the case as we believe that education will assist in uplifting the country and the continent,” added Schoeman.

Cotlands would like to extend its support to the families of the children taken and request their speedy return.