Cotlands winter warmth campaign

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This week Cotlands launched it’s winter warmth campaign. The campaign is aimed at raising funds for the organisations nutrition and early learning programmes.

Cotlands reaches thousands of vulnerable children each month with warm meals through our early learning play groups. Often the warm meal they receive at our early learning play group is their only meal for the day. As we head into winter we are reminded of the harsh conditions many families in South Africa face. We know from years of experience that shack fires increase, that children are locked up indoors and so many do not have warm clothes or shoes.  Cotlands_winter_warm_campai

However, as winter draws near we cannot ignore the sacrifices young children make to attend our early learning play groups and the requirements needed to help them reach their full potential in spite of the inclement weather.

Each early learning play lesson is designed to bring out the best in each child and allows for a variety of play that enhances various skills. Children cannot learn on an empty stomach, they require good nutrition to sustain their growth and development. Nutrition and hydration are essential to learning and form part of a good early childhood development foundation.

The dedication of children to learn through play should not be hampered by the lack of a warm meal. We appeal to you to donate today and ensure our programmes are equipped to provide children with a more conducive setting for their young minds to absorb all we have to offer.