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Press release: Cotlands launches Mandela Day campaign

Cotlands launched their Mandela Day campaign this week. The non-profit organisation called on all citizens to live Mandela’s legacy by treating children with dignity and by providing vulnerable children with quality early learning opportunities that will see them thrive in their formative years. The legacy of former President Nelson Mandela is celebrated every year on his birthday, July 18.

This is the first year that we honour this day since his passing, making Mandela Day 2014 even more significant.

According to Cotlands CEO, Jackie Schoeman, it was Mandela’s compassion for children and his understanding of their importance in society that continues to inspire the organisation.

“His famous words ‘education is the greatest weapon which you can use to change the world’ compelled us to start our early learning playgroups in under-resourced communities to give vulnerable children a chance to achieve their full potential,” said Schoeman.