A magical moment starts a lifelong journey

We love that moment when parents cotton on to the benefits of the Cotlands way. It’s that magic moment when they realise that they don’t have to be rich to give their babies a head start in life.

For Sindiswa from the Eastern Cape, this magic moment happened when her baby Selena* was nine months old. Sindiswa signed up for Cotlands’ parenting classes, and started taking her little girl to baby sensory development classes.

It was Selena’s first baby step on her exciting journey with Cotlands.

And your gift made online by clicking here will ensure that more babies take their first learning steps at Cotlands.

We’ll use your gift to support birth to two-year-olds in our weekly Early Learning Playgroups. Mothers and caregivers take their babies to these classes and learn techniques like baby massage. This not only helps babies reach their developmental milestones, but also helps bonding and communication.

Caregivers are also offered counselling and parenting education and are taught how to make colourful toys and rattles using everyday household items.

After Selena turned two, she was ready to take the second step on her Cotlands journey: the two to four- year-olds playgroup.

Selena thrived in playgroup and became a fully developed Cotlander child; reaching her milestones and showing compassion and kindness to others. And when it was time to take the third step on her learning journey – entering Grade R – she did so with a strong learning foundation.

And your donation made by clicking here right now, will give more children this head start in life!

Please, can we count on you to send another kind gift today, to help more babies embark on Cotlands’ wonderful journey of learning?

*We’ve changed Selena’s name to protect her identity.

                                                                                                                                          Thanks to your support, Selena’s shining!

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