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How often have you heard a child shout “It’s not fair!”? We hear it often – and not only from children! But life’s really unfair for many South African children from under-resourced communities.

Fortunately, for eight-year-old Ora* from Lydenburg, the scales tipped in her favour when she joined Cotlands at three months old. Cotlands gave her an amazing foundation of early learning, but her best friend Thandi* was not so lucky.

Thandi didn’t go to preschool and is finding ‘big school’ challenging. Ora tries to help her with homework after school – because  she’s worried Thandi will get left behind.

That’s why we’re hoping you’ll join Play Partners, a new group of our most valued donors, by sending a gift of R600 or more (either as a once off gift or a monthly contribution) will send a child like Thandi to a Cotlands early learning playgroup and toy library for a month.

We first met Ora in 2011 when her mother enrolled her in Cotlands’ baby sensory stimulation classes. Thanks to donors like you – it was the start of a beautiful learning journey. Ora went on to join a Cotlands playgroup for two- to four-year-olds. These four-hour sessions are held twice a week, and groups of 15 to 20 children have a great time exploring and learning through play.

 Breakfast and snacks are provided; and children who attend at least seven sessions a month receive a much-needed food parcel for their families. Ora learned critical concepts like maths, colours and shapes, language and problem-solving skills. This set her up for success in primary school.

Your gift of R1 200 (either as a once off contribution or a monthly donation) made online will give this life-changing opportunity to two children for a month – or if you can manage it, R7 200 (as a once off gift or a monthly contribution) will pay for one child for a whole year!

You’ll be delighted to know that Ora’s been a straight-A student since graduating from Cotlands in 2016. At the end of Grade 2, she won awards for Best Student and Best Reading.

And if you support our work today, you’ll put more children into Cotlands programmes in double-quick time. So, can we count on your support because as Ora knows; friends don’t let friends get left behind!

*Ora and Thandi aren’t their real names.

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