Benefits of reading aloud to children

Benefits of reading aloud to children

There are many benefits to reading aloud to children. It helps to develop a variety of skills in children. Books are a great source of knowledge for children and surprisingly parents too. 

Did you know that even after children read by themselves, there are still many benefits to reading aloud to them?

Here are some of the benefits to reading aloud:

1. Strengthening a child’s imagination

When children hear stories they learn how to listen. They begin to visualise the characters and events in their minds. This stimulates their creativity and their imagination.

2. Aids in language development

Children have an opportunity to increase their vocabulary by hearing words that may not be used in everyday conversation. Children develop strong language skills and learn to use words in the correct context. These skills transfer later into speaking and writing.

3. Reading aloud extends a child’s attention span

We encourage parents to read to their children daily. As stories and events unfold, children learn how to listen, pay attention and remember the storyline. Parent should gradually aim to increase reading times to improve children’s attention spans.

4. Provides enjoyment and creates a love of reading

Parents that read aloud demonstrate that reading is important and pleasurable and is valued. Children get into a daily habit of reading and they associate the experience as a happy one. These good memories will promote long-term reading success into adult life.

5.Reading builds comprehension and strengthens cognition

Babies are born learning. It is important to read to children from an early age as it is critical for the development of their language skills (the foundation for learning success). As parents read aloud their children’s minds are stimulated, visualising the things they are hearing about. As they gain insight into characters motives, they learn to develop problem-solving skills as the plot of the story unfolds. Children learn how to apply their cognitive skills to comprehend the story.

6. Reading improves bonding time

There is nothing better than sharing an interesting and entertaining storybook with children. They get to ask you questions about the story and point out their favourite parts of the story with you. This experience is an opportunity to spend quality time with your children. It is great to develop a stronger relationship with children.

7.Reading helps with their emotions

Listening to stories builds children’s emotional awareness and empathy. It helps children explore their own feelings and helps children understand what they are feeling by listening to what the characters in the story experience.

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