Cotlands celebrates the prestigious 2023 Excellence in Integrated Reporting (EIR) award.

Cotlands celebrates the prestigious 2023 Excellence in Integrated Reporting (EIR) award.

Cotlands is proud to announce it has been awarded the top position in the NGO/NPO category at the 2023 Excellence in Integrated Reporting (EIR) Awards. The prestigious accolade was presented at the CGISA | JSE Integrated Reporting Awards Ceremony, a gala banquet held at The Wanderers Club Ballroom on Wednesday, 15 November 2023. The CGISA | JSE Integrated Reporting Awards Ceremony is an annual event acknowledging outstanding achievements in integrated reporting across the public, private and government sectors. Our dedication to transparency, accountability, and excellence in reporting has earned us this esteemed recognition.

Kerry Huggett, Board Secretary at Cotlands, expressed her gratitude and enthusiasm for the award: “Cotlands is honoured to receive this award for excellence in reporting. As a non-profit organisation, we must maintain the trust of our stakeholders. This award underscores our commitment to delivering on our projects, creating positive impacts, and achieving educational outcomes for the children we serve. We believe in preparing them to excel in formal schooling and beyond.”

The award-winning report demonstrates Cotlands’ commitment to transparency and accountability and was designed and printed by Libricom. Kerry Huggett acknowledges the vital role played by Libricom, stating, “This great achievement would not have been possible without their unwavering support.”

Importance and benefits of Annual Reporting for Cotlands:

Cotlands recognises the pivotal role of annual reporting in fostering trust among corporate, government sponsors and individual donors. The comprehensive annual report provides a detailed overview of Cotlands financial health, operational strategies, and the impact of its initiatives.

The annual report serves the following key purposes:

  • Transparency and accountability: By disclosing financial information, programme outcomes, and future plans, Cotlands demonstrates a commitment to transparency and accountability.
  • Stakeholder trust: A well-structured annual report builds and strengthens confidence among corporate and government sponsors, donors, and the community.
  • Impact assessment: The report serves as a platform to showcase the positive impact of Cotlands’ initiatives on the lives of children and marginalised communities.
  • Strategic communication: The annual report is a powerful communication tool, allowing Cotlands to share its achievements, challenges, and future plans with a wider audience.
  • Cotlands purpose: The organisation remains dedicated to ensuring every child has access to quality early childhood learning to acquire foundational skills to reach their best potential in the formal school environment.

To read Cotlands’ award-winning integrated annual report, visit https://bit.ly/CotlandsIAR2023 or scan the QR code.



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