#DoDifferent and help feed a child

It is easy to become an ACTIVIST and #doDifferent.

Cotlands is excited to be partnering with different.org to help us raise funds to feed vulnerable children. 

We need your help to become an activist. All you need to do is follow these 6 easy steps below and Different.org will pay Cotlands R500 (100 meals) to feed our children in South Africa.


STEP 1: Go to the website  https://different.org

STEP 2: Create a profile by registering or if you have an account with different.org please sign in.

STEP 3: once you have created a profile or logged in you need to go to PROJECTS menu then select the FUNDRAISER tab

STEP 4:    #DODIFFERENT AND FEED A CHILD – you can see the Cotlands logo (first fundraiser)

                 SELECT BECOME AN ACTIVIST – click

STEP 5:  You need to fill out the information

               Choose an amount (others can donate towards you ) I chose R2000

                Click CREATE MY PAGE once completed.

STEP 6:  You will then be asked to LIKE and SHARE and post on social media

And weekly tasks will be mailed to you

For example:

  • Update your profile picture (10 meals)
  • Exercise or play/run after your kids for an hour 

And you can choose how you would like to support.

It is important to CLICK COMPLETE once you have done the task – otherwise your activist sign-up will not count towards Cotlands.

You will receive an email confirmation from different.org thanking you for becoming an activist.

It is that easy, to make a difference without costing you anything!

Please share with your friends and family and encourage them to become activists and support our NEW crowdfunding for good campaign.


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