Getting sorted

Getting sorted

Shape sorters are a great way to improve a child’s finger dexterity and fine motor skills. It also helps children develop problem-solving skills and learn their shapes and colours.

To make a shape sorter, you’ll need:

l Cardboard box or 2l ice cream container

l Enamel paint in different colours

l Turpentine (for cleaning brushes)

l Paint brush

l Cardboard

l Craft knife

Take the lid off the container and use a craft knife to cut different shapes out of it: a circle, square, triangle, rectangle and diamond. Paint the container and the lid in a bright colour and allow to dry. Paint the cut-out shapes in different colours. Alternatively, use the cut-out as a template to cut shapes out of thicker cardboard and paint in different colours. When everything is dry, pop the lid back on and let the shape-sorting begin.

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