Many happy returns, thanks to you

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Last year, Cotlands proudly offered 21 132 children something they’d never experienced before: early learning! We reached them through our toy libraries, playgrounds and capacity building programmes – and our hearts sing when we reflect on this achievement. We’re deeply thankful to our donors for making this possible.
But like any successful organisation, we need to continually innovate in order to thrive and grow. That’s why in November, we appealed for donations to roll out 42 new themed kits for our playgroups. The themed kits will ensure that learning remains fresh and exciting, and thanks to donor support, we were able to purchase kits such as My Family and The Seasons. This is a huge help as we roll out our ECD programme to more regions. Donors also generously supported our drive to enroll more children at Cotlands playgroups. Each year, we look forward to welcoming back familiar faces who are taking great strides along their early learning path, along with a wave of new little faces who are taking their first tentative steps.
Their adventure with Cotlands will last only a few short years – but the impact of those years will last a lifetime.
Six-year-old Ashlia is one of the stars that has already passed through our doors. She graduated in 2017 after two years with us, and when she entered Grade 1, she knew her colours and shapes, and was well developed in problem solving and numbers. Ashlia and her mom recently visited her old Cotlands playgroup to show them her stellar Grade 1 report. We love getting visits from our graduates, and were so happy to see that Ashlia’s early learning has propelled her to the front of her class.
Goni is another 2017 graduate who has just completed Grade 1. When he enrolled at Cotlands, he was withdrawn and tearful, and often missed playgroup because his mother didn’t see the point of it. But we persevered and by the time Goni graduated, he was enjoying his learning journey and was singing and participating in all activities.
We know that not every child is going to excel in the classroom or on the sports field, but it’s essential that every child is given the foundation they need to become the best version of themselves.
Thank you, once again, for giving children like Ashlia and Goni access to quality early learning – and the best chance to succeed in school, and in life.

*Ashlia is to the left,*Goni is to the right