Meet an Early learning facilitator (Elf)

Meet an Early learning facilitator (Elf)

Working with children can be scary if you don’t know what to expect! Just ask Cotlands early learning facilitator (Elf) Winnie Makeke.

Winnie’s first day as a Cotlands Elf was 24 July 2017. She nearly quit the very next day. “It was very difficult for me to settle in. I nearly quit, because I failed to control the children. I had been trained on how to use the lesson plan but I was so scared! I had no idea!

Thankfully, Winnie didn’t let her fears spoil this amazing opportunity.

I’ve settled in very well and I know how everything operates. Every day I learn something new. I love working with children and am very proud to be a Cotlander.

Thanks to all our donors for giving Winnie the chance to build a fulfilling career in ECD.

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