Message from CEO, Dr Monica Stach

It’s easy to feel negative about South Africa. There seems to be little relief from the economic and political turmoil that makes the news every day. That’s why we need to set common goals and work together to build a better future.

And thanks to the support of donors and partners, Cotlands is getting to grips with some weighty goals! One of our biggest goals is to set up a network of 500 toy libraries by 2022. As I write, our business development team is looking for ways to scale up our toy library model while keeping expenses down.

We’re already making good progress towards this goal. In 2019, we worked with government to help non-profits deliver 211 playgroups and 24 toy libraries in Gauteng and Mpumalanga. In 2019, we inspired the setup of 38 toy libraries. And now that our toy libraries have started hitching a ride on the back of mobile health clinics, things will move even more rapidly. Toy libraries have an important role to play in SA. We want to see a toy library within reach of every child!

Thank you for enabling us to do the work we do. By investing in Cotlands, you’ll help the winds of change blow through the early learning sector.

Dr Monica Stach, Cotlands Chief Executive Officer

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