Nurturing creativity in children

Nurturing creativity in children

Creativity is the ability to use your imagination, to create something original, to work out new ways of doing things. This is often linked to art activities in a playgroup or early childhood development centre and these activities develop children’s fine motor skills (small muscle development). 

Creative activities are great for your children’s self-expression. It encourages children to imagine and express themselves freely. Through self-expression children learn to grow emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically.

Through activities that nurture children’s creativity; they are able to try out new ideas and different ways of thinking and problem solving. These activities encourage children to communicate with others and also share their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Create a variety of multi-cultural experiences

South Africa is a diverse country and a multi-cultural nation. Look for ways for your child to learn about different religions, experience multi-cultural events and other community experiences. Take them on field trips and let them get closer to nature. As children experience more outside their natural environments, the more opportunity they have to draw on different experiences to use in their creative process and thoughts.

Create opportunities for creativity

Children need the time and space for creative play and thinking. Try to create a variety of different experiences to expand your child’s creativity. Encourage your children to play with playdough, clay, paper, wood, wire, water, bubbles and shadows. Let them listen to different types of music and explore photography.

Here are some play-based activities that your can do with your children to help nurture their creativity:


Drawing, painting, modelling and collage

Source different art materials such as paint, paintbrushes, crayons, playdough, clay, paper, wood etc.

Building something

Construction toys such us building blocks, magnetic block, bristle blocks, construction engineering blocks, pipe and join construction sets etc.

Creating a picture or a pattern

Interchangeable designs, for example: with pegs and pegboard, re-usable vinyl boards, magnetic boards, fuzzy felt sets, trays with seeds or sand, etc.

Creating your own make-believe toys

Use recycled materials and things from nature

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