Nurturing young minds: Cotlands’ Friday training

Nurturing young minds: Cotlands’ Friday training

Every Friday, our dedicated early learning facilitators in Gauteng embark on a journey of growth and discovery at Cotlands. These sessions are a cornerstone of their commitment to providing the best care for our children. Our training programme revolves around 25 carefully crafted themed lesson plans, revisited twice a year. Each theme is designed to ignite children’s potential, foster creativity, and develop essential skills. One of our themes was “My Garden.”

A highlight of this theme is storytelling, which not only entertains but also aids in language development. Children delve into the world of words and express their thoughts through discussions. Mathematics takes centre stage too, with concepts of categorisation and sorting introduced through charming garden-themed pictures, making learning both fun and educational. Outdoor play activities are a vital part of our programme. Children explore textures and sensations through sand and water play, while garden toys become tools for planting, nurturing a love for nature.

Our playgroup facilitators lead the way, demonstrating tasks and inspiring children to follow suit, fostering both learning and communication skills.

Fantasy playtime fuels young imaginations as children “harvest” fruits from their imaginary gardens, learning their names and colours, all while enhancing their knowledge of the world. Art activities unleash creativity, as children create collages of fruit trees in their gardens, encouraging artistic expression and attention to detail.
Fine motor skills get a workout as children craft their own playdough fruit trees, developing coordination and dexterity for future success.

As we gather each Friday for these training sessions, we witness the unwavering dedication of our facilitators. Their commitment to enriching children’s lives is inspiring. Cotlands’ Friday Training in Gauteng reflects our commitment to nurture young minds, sowing seeds of knowledge and imagination for bright futures.

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