Our hearts are warm when our children are.

Our hearts are warm when our children are.

And because we love some feel-good news, the Crafty Ladies: are a very special group of women who are passionate about keeping bodies and hearts warm and happy.

They knit blankets for those in need, and were kind enough to add to our vital care packages during an especially harsh winter spell in Johannesburg. The packages contained the lovingly knitted blankets, masks, and basic food supplies, and were distributed in Cleveland, Johannesburg.

Just before the very cold winter spell hit Johannesburg in June, Cotlands received blankets from the Crafty Ladies from St Martins on the Veld Church in Rosebank.

Cotlands distributed the masks, blankets and porridge E-Pap received from various donors to our families in Cleveland. Our beneficiaries were extremely appreciative of the warm blankets and food, especially during these uncertain times when many of our parents have not been able to earn any form of income.


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