Be a proud Play Partner with Cotlands

Be a proud Play Partner with Cotlands

An investment in the health of our children today, is an investment in the adults of tomorrow. At Cotlands, we know that if we intervene in a child’s life early on, we can improve their cognitive health and, in turn, potentially mitigate the risk of mental and physical illness for good. But we can’t do it alone.

Cotlands values the support from our individual investors and to show our appreciation for all that they do, we have formed a new group of our most valued donors called Play Partners. Members of our Play Partners donor group send us gifts of R600 or more. Their contributions help pave a new life path for a needy child.

Cotlands has also partnered with Readers Warehouse to offer our most valued donor group a reward as a token of our appreciation for their ongoing support.

If you would like to join Play Partners today, you can complete the form below and activate your membership to Play Partners.


Play Partners


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