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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are even more concerned about the well-being of our children. With limited access to proper water and sanitation; our children are at greater risk of catching the virus. Luckily, our frontline staff continue to make regular contact with our parents to ensure that our children are safe and healthy.

Most of our parents either do not work or are not permitted to work under the current lockdown level.
You can help a family in need by supporting our food initiative that provides electronic food vouchers to parents that are struggling. With your support, we can ensure children don’t go hungry and face the risk of stunting. Click the button below to help us feed babies and young children.

Sibongile* is one of our children, a four-year-old little girl that lives in an informal settlement. Sibongile lives with her father and his parents in a one-roomed shack. Sibongile has never met her mother before because she passed away at birth due to complications.

Day-to-day living is very  tough for Sibongile and her family at the moment. Her father has stopped working due to the lockdown and she can see how worried he is about how their family will survive for the next few weeks. The highlight to Sibongile’s day is chatting to her Cotlands playgroup teacher who calls to see how she and her family are doing and assisting them with food vouchers.

Many of our children like Sibongile need your help now more than ever, but we cannot do this alone. Help us feed more children like Sibongile during this pandemic, click here to give. Together we can spread some joy and happiness.

*Sibongile  is not  her real name.

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