Believe in the power of art

Believe in the power of art

Art activities offer a variety of developmental benefits for a young child. These types of activities develop the right side of a child’s brain. From a social and emotional perspective, art builds self-esteem, and the child can express their thoughts and feelings through their art creation.

A child does not only become creative but he or she also develops fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Fine motor skills are the small muscles a child needs to strengthen and develop to hold objects properly (cutlery, pens, and pencils) and be able to cut using a pair of scissors. Depending on the art activity, a child can also learn about shapes, sizes, colours, and textures that can help with pre-maths skills.

Through the use of different art materials children can also learn early science skills that involve experimentation and exploration of different art materials.

Critical thinking and problem-solving is fast becoming a key 21st century skill as we find ourselves living in a very unpredictable world. Art activities encourage children to use their imagination in a creative way to solve problems. The process of making art encourages children to think of new ways of doing things or think through different alternatives and be inventive; helping them to come up with a variety of solutions.

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