Education is the key

Education is the key

Thanks to your support, early learning was provided to more children  

At Cotlands, we know that education is the key to so many good things for our society. Sadly, not all children have access to good early learning opportunities, especially those in marginalised communities. We also know that the first five years of a child’s life are the “make or break” time in their development as this is the time when their little brains develop. Thanks to your ongoing support and donations we continue to offer birth-to-two playgroups for moms and their babies each week.

In the classes, we cover the importance of sensory development and demonstrate to moms and caregivers how to give babies massages to help them grow. Baby massages stimulate a baby’s central nervous system and this also aids in parents having a stronger bond with their baby. It helps with the emotional well-being of a baby and aids in their cognitive development. During our baby massage class, mothers and caregivers learn techniques to soothe and relax their baby and to promote muscle tone, spatial awareness, growth, self-awareness, and non-verbal skills. Sensory development classes are essential for a babies to reach their developmental milestones.

We run our birth-to-two playgroups in community venues, homes, and church halls which ensures we can reach as many toddlers as possible. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all our donors for enabling us to reach more children and parents.


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