Improving ECD services in Orange Farm

Working side by side to improve ECD services in Orange Farm

Our Gauteng Toy library team has been hard at work training several ECD practitioners and principals in the Orange Farm area and surrounding communities. The training is called ECD Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) and our toy librarians have been training there since April this year. We have received positive feedback from the principals who have assessed the practitioners in the ECD centres, and they have noted a marked improvement in the quality of the teaching.

As members of our Toy Library, practitioners now receive theme-based toys and weekly lesson plans from our toy library. Practitioners have also learned how to set up fantasy corners, expand the playgroup’s maths activities and introduce science activities. These activities encourage children to take an interest in science and helps children get a basic grounding of science concepts and thinking. These activities help children to communicate, be analytical and reason and problem-solve.

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