An excellent investment for society

An excellent investment for society

Cotlands runs several toy library programmes in marginalised communities across South Africa. Toy Libraries can serve as community hubs, bringing families together and providing a space for parents to connect with each other and share parenting experiences. This can help build social capital and strengthen community ties.

Toy libraries can be an excellent investment for society because they offer a range of benefits that can positively impact individuals and communities. Here are some reasons why toy libraries are a valuable investment:

  1. Promotes play and learning: Toy libraries provide children with access to various toys and games, allowing them to engage in play that encourages learning and development. Children can develop their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills by having access to different types of toys.
  2. Encourages sharing and community: Toy libraries are often run by local communities or non-profit organisations, creating a sense of community and encouraging sharing. Children and families can borrow toys and games and return them for others to use, promoting a sense of responsibility and cooperation.
  3. Affordable access to toys: Toy libraries can provide an affordable alternative to buying new toys, which can be expensive. Families can borrow toys and games, allowing them to save money and reduce waste.
  4. Sustainability and environmental awareness: Toy libraries promote sustainability by encouraging the reuse of toys and reducing waste. Families can reduce their carbon footprint and promote environmental awareness by borrowing and returning toys.
  5. Supports inclusivity: Toy libraries can provide access to toys and games that might not be available to all families, promoting inclusivity and equality. With various educational toys and games, toy libraries can cater to different interests and abilities.


In summary, toy libraries can be a valuable investment for society as they promote play, learning, sharing, community, affordability, sustainability, environmental awareness, and inclusivity

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